About Us

Medin Technologies is a focused manufacturer of custom and standard instrument trays, cases and sterilization containers. We have been a provider to the medical device and healthcare industry for over 40 years.


Medin emphasizes quality in design and development, processes and products

  • Medin’s vertical integration of all critical processes supports Medin’s goal “on-time delivery, every time.”
  • Medin maintains FDA registration and is ISO 13485:2016 certified.
  • Medin products undergo rigorous inspection with the goal of zero defects.

Medin is an industry leader committed to product innovation

  • Medin was the first to manufacture a microsurgical instrument protection system.
  • Medin pioneered the use of silicone to capture instruments in perforated trays.
  • Medin was the first to market silicone finger mats for instrument protection.
  • Medin pioneered the use of silhouette templates for specialty instrumentation.
  • Medin continues to lead the way in developing and manufacturing protective systems for specialty instruments in both wrapped cases and reusable container systems.
  • Medin was the first to manufacture a US-made rigid sterilization container, leading the way for a new standard.
  • Medin developed the 2nd generation “ACT2” rigid sterilization container.

Medin continues to provide innovative solutions for medical device manufacturers

  • Medin developed and patented the first truly tamper proof device for closed sterilization container systems.
  • Medin develops and manufactures hybrid cases to meet all customer needs.
  • Medin continues to partner with customers to develop innovative solutions to address unmet needs.
  • Medin is a “Certified Supplier” for many domestic and international medical device manufacturers.


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